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We are dedicated to having a positive impact on our community and environment.

Some of the ways we are doing this:

  • Donations. We commit a large portion of the flowers we grow for donations to organizations within our community. We partner annually with local hospice and maternal care organizations and commit our highest quality and freshest blooms for all donations.

  • Energy. We utilize solar power for our heated greenhouse and use water-efficient irrigation systems.

  • Pollinators. We minimize negative impacts on pollinators in our plant care processes (we need those little friends!) We also care for a large wildflower pollinator patch.

  • Land conservation. In our downtime, we put our planting skills to work helping with land conservation in the town that started our passion - Jardin, Colombia.

Did you know that Tierra Colibrí means "hummingbird land" in Spanish? Our flower project's name came from our love for these little helpers.​

All floral donations are made in loving memory of Ligia Marín Correa de Vargas, Gabriel Vargas Osorio

and Carl Burns.


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